Premium Packaging and Moving Supplies

Forget the hassle of scavenging packing materials; we have everything you need! Ever heard of dimensional weight? It's a tactic shipping companies use to charge you based on your package size, not just the weight. Choosing the right box size can save you money.

At the Postal Plus Store, we have boxes to accommodate almost anything. Trust us to get you the right one!

Comprehensive Range of Packing and Moving Supplies

  • Boxes in over 20 sizes, both single and double wall, are priced competitively.
  • Specialty boxes for artwork, laptops, and extra-large and extra-long items
  • Packing peanuts and bubble wrap, available by the foot or roll
  • High-quality poly-tape, designed for packing and shipping
  • Tape guns to make your packing process efficient
  • Mailing tubes for posters, blueprints, or even swords
  • A variety of padded envelope sizes
  • CD, DVD, and photo mailers
  • Custom box-making service to fit almost anything
  • Large quantities of boxes or packing materials are available on custom orders.

Are you moving and needing a lot of supplies? We offer bulk pricing on large orders. Dread packing? Let us do it for you! We have trained packing experts. We guarantee the insurability of the items we pack.

Need Help With Packing or Moving Supplies?

Contact us at the number provided for any queries about our services and to get a free estimate.