Protect Your Files With a Private Mailbox

Welcome to Postal Plus Store, your trusted partner in O'Fallon, Missouri, for private mailbox rental services. We understand the importance of safety, security, and convenience when receiving mail and packages.

The challenges of home or business mail delivery can be numerous, ranging from the risk of identity theft from stolen letters, and unattended packages left by UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the United States Postal Service, to missed deliveries requiring your signature.

As a solution, Postal Plus Store offers private mailbox rentals, a preferred choice for small and home office businesses for decades. Our service provides a street address, a well-lit and secure mailbox area, free package receiving and mail checks, and notifications via email or text for important deliveries.

We also offer mail forwarding, providing a solution for frequent travelers and those desiring a permanent address. With Postal Plus, your business and personal mail can be separated, giving your home business a more professional appearance.

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